Pristine Detail Microfiber Wholesale (Case of 40)


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Elevate your microfiber lineup with the most multifaceted and effective microfiber towel available. Introducing the Pristine Detail Microfiber, expertly designed to serve as an all-encompassing towel for the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Possessing an impressive 320 GSM, this towel boasts remarkable thickness and is capable of removing waxes and polishes without leaving behind any unsightly scratches. Pair this towel with our interior APC cleaner to assist with your light-heavy detailing needs. 

  • GSM:  320 GSM
  • Blend:  80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
  • Weave:  Terry
  • Border / Edging:  Overlock Stitch
  • Country of Origin:  China

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Weight 6123.492 g